The Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers (Militia)
The Regimental Archive

The Museum holds about fifty ledgers, books and documents which form the Archive of the Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers (Militia).

There are Enlistment Registers, Muster Rolls, Monthly Returns, Regimental Orders, and Adjutant's Letters.

Many records have been lost over the years.
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member of the Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers, or the Royal Monmouthshire Militia - before 1918.

Note that the Monmouthshires, or the Mons, were part of the South Wales Borderers

Books and documents held here in Monmouth are listed at the Archives Hub

Documents relevant to the Regiment held in archives outside Monmouth

After 1920 men had Army, not Regimental, numbers and their records are held at the Army Personnel Centre in Glasgow - 0141 248 7890

More about the Enlistment Registers

1786 - 1825 - the register is at this museum

1825 - 1852 - the register is missing (but the Regiment was not recruiting)

1852 - 1853 - there is a nominal roll at the Gwent Archive (and we have photocopies)

1853 - 1872 - the register is missing

1872 - 1887 - the register is at this museum

1887 - 1899 - the register is missing

1899 - 1914 - the register is at this museum

Aug 1914 - Feb 1917 - the register is at this museum (but it ends in Feb 1917)